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Contact us to own your very own business! 

Have you have always wanted to be your own boss and have a flexible schedule while earning money in a fun stress free way?  Some of our reps are earning $1000.00 - $2000.00 per week and only working a couple hours per day.  GreetingYards is fun, stress free and most of all a super easy way to earn a part time or full time living on your terms!

Owning your own GreetingYards is ideal for the stay at home parent or as a way to supplement your current income.

We are now selling packages that give you the rights to your area, full use of the website our established Facebook and Instagram media and marketing tools. We will supply you with the right package of signage and training to get you up and running and earning income within days of joining our team.

We will support you 100% along the way by adding new items to the GreetingYards inventory and also by taking your requests for custom signage while we grow together!

We now have locations in Burlington, Binbrook, Flamborough & Georgian Bay area  

This is not a franchise, you will not pay franchise fees and we will never ask for a piece of your earned income. The fees you collect will always be 100% yours to keep. 2022

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